Young Member Group

We are the Young Member Group of the Minnesota Structural Engineers Association. Our goal
is to assist young engineers as they build their careers in the structural engineering profession;
by offering training, networking, and community outreach opportunities to our members. We are
geared towards young PEs, EITs, and structural engineering students who have interests in
the structural industry. Our goals are to:

 Alleviate the steep and difficult learning curve for young structural engineers by providing seminars, workshops, and construction site visits.
 Build a network among young professionals, both within the structural engineering industry and among other design and construction trades.
 Provide opportunities to develop leadership and management skills by being a part of the YMG Committee.

Members will be exposed to in-depth structural methodologies, latest technologies and applications, and presentations on lessons learned from past or ongoing projects. We aim to shape our members into more valuable structural engineers and to further educate them to advance their career.

We invite all structural EITs and PEs (0 to 5 years of practice) to join and to become actively involved in this group.

Stories with a Senior Engineer

MNSEA YMG’s is thrilled to announce our new video series, Stories with a Senior Engineer. This series will share fun and interesting stories from Minnesota’s most senior engineers. We will be posting new videos monthly, so follow us on LinkedIn so you don’t miss out!


MNSEA Scholarship to Attend NCSEA Summit

MNSEA is offering a $1,000 scholarship for a first-time attendee to go to the NCSEA National Summit in New York City on February 14th-17th, 2022. Applicants of any age are welcome if it is their first time attending!

Applications are due January 1st, 2022. See the conference website and scholarship form below for more information.

More information on the NCSEA Summit:

Scholarship form:

Monthly YMG Committee Meeting

The YMG Committee meets monthly to plan future events and discuss outreach opportunities. Check back soon for more upcoming events!

Typically virtually.

Typically the first Thursday of every month.

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Please email us at to get info about upcoming events.


Feed My Starving Children
October 27th 2021

MNSEA young members hand-packed meals at Feed My Starving Children to ship to children in need around the world. Thanks to those that volunteered with us and help feed 34 malnourished children for a year!

Hearts & Hammers
September 18th 2021

MNSEA YMG partnered with the ASCE MN Section YMG to help a family in need through Hearts & Hammers – Twin Cities. The YMG spent Saturday painting a home in the local community. It was a beautiful day to spend with other engineers! Special thank you to the members from MNSEA YMG and ASCE YMG as well as the students from the University of Minnesota and University of St. Thomas.

Summer Outing
July 14th 2021

MNSEA YMG hosted a summer outing at Boom Island Park in downtown Minneapolis. Members enjoyed food, drinks, games, and face-to-face interactions as the YMG gathered in-person for the first time in 2021!

Live Webinar – Hilti Anchor Design
November 19th 2020

Local Hilti rep Ryan Rimbey joined the YMG as we discussed post installed rebar design. The live webinar streamed Hilti’s Rebar 102 presentation and a Q&A with Ryan followed. Thank you to Hilti for helping all attendees grow their knowledge of anchor design.

Lower Landing Virtual Site Tour
November 4th 2020

Past YMG Chair Lauren Piepho, PE and other design team members led viewers on a live site tour of the Lower Landing project. This new building will serve as the trailhead for Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park and is the first building in Minnesota to utilize cross-laminated timber (CLT) in the structural system. The virtual format allowed attendees to view CLT structural elements in place and see how details on paper translate in to real-world structure.

Live Webinar – Professional Engineering Licensure Panel
October 29th 2020

MNSEA YMG, NSBE TCPC, EWB MPC, EAM and SHPE TC co-hosted a PE Licensure Panel Live Webinar for students and young engineers. The program included a special presentation by Dave Blume, PE who serves on the current Board’s Executive Committee of the MN AELSLAGID. The program also included a panel discussion of younger members of different engineering disciplines who recently took the PE Exam. The panel shared ideas, advice on what resources they found to be most helpful for studying, and what they wished they had known before taking the test.

Live Webinar – Simpson Fiber Reinforced Polymer
October 27th 2020

Simpson Strong-Tie presented a virtual webinar discussing fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) reinforcing of structures. Twelve young engineers attended to learn the basics of FRP reinforcing and how it can be used, and how to specify FRP on contract documents/specifications. A Q&A session with the presenter also gave participants an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of fiber reinforced polymer reinforcement.

Virtual Brown Bag – Vector Technologies
August 27th 2020

Lisa Viker at Vector Corrosion Technologies hosted a Lunch and Learn session called Corrosion Mitigation of Reinforced Concrete Structures coordinated and for members of the MNSEA YMG. The presentation was prepared specifically for young engineers and PDHs were provided to those attending the full presentation. The presentation covered topics such as: corrosion process in concrete structures, evaluation and non-destructive testing, corrosion mitigation through cathodic protection and case studies. About 7 members attended the event and were able to interact with the presenter by asking questions. The presenter provided additional material for further reference.

National Trivia Night
August 20th 2020

NCSEA Young Member Groups from across the country competed toe-to-toe in a virtual trivia night. Covered topics included structural engineering history, famous global structures, and code provisions. Despite a perfect first 3 rounds, MNSEA YMG collapsed like a wide flange in torsion. A finish in fourth place was softened by all participants having a great time. We look forward to a better finish next year!

Pillsbury Hall Virtual Site Tour
June 25th 2020

Over 25 MNSEA YMG members participated in a virtual site tour of the UMN Pillsbury Hall rehabilitation project on June 25. Members tuned into a Zoom meeting as former YMG Chair Ricky Kirchner led a site tour with site superintendent Matt Soens, pointing out the more challenging aspects of the structural design. Structural challenges include reinforcement of the existing timber structure, addition of stair and elevator shafts, and underpinning of an entire building wing to allow for a basement.

Virtual Happy Hour
June 11th 2020

As many of our members have adjusted to life at home during COVID-19, the YMG found a good opportunity to share tips, tricks, and stories about our new workstyles. Eight members came together on a virtual Zoom call to discuss all things working and living at home. This was a follow-up to the first Zoom call which was also a big success! Although we can’t wait to be together in the real world soon, it was great having the opportunity to connect while we’re away.

Webinar: Understanding and Interpreting Geotechnical Reports
May 21st 2020

The YMG organized and streamed the NCSEA webinar, “Understanding and Interpreting Geotechnical Reports” on May 21st. Thirteen members attended the virtual event, which included but was not limited to determining the exploration program and how explorations have changed over the years, discussion of risk and costs in geotechnical recommendations, how to avoid excessive conservatism, and several case studies.

Rand Tower Site Tour
March 12th 2020, Minneapolis

MBJ engineer Kevin Vazquez organized a tour hosted by Ryan Companies for members of MNSEA YMG at the historic Rand Tower. Originally constructed in 1929 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP), the 27-story office tower is being converted into a 277-room Tribute by Marriott Hotel. Participants saw first-hand the extensive work being done by MBJ, ESG Architects, Ryan Companies and other consultants to preserve historical elements and follow NRHP guidelines by employing preservation practices such as non-destructive materials testing, all while preparing the structure for new uses and minimizing disturbance of current tenants and skyway users.


♦ Chair
Morgan Kuehn, PE
Meyer Borgman Johnson

♦ Past Chair
Elizabeth Manning, PhD, PE

♦ Communications Coordinators
Isaac Fritz, EIT

Sean Gulbranson, EIT
Meyer Borgman Johnson

♦ Digital Media Officers
Phil Koktan, PE
Meyer Borgman Johnson

Kyle Kucharski, EIT
BKBM Engineers

♦ Events Coordinator – Community Outreach
Abby Bosell, EIT

♦ Events Coordinator – Professional Development
Kyle Kucharski, EIT
BKBM Engineers

♦ Secretary & Treasurer
Rose Milavitz, PE
Ericksen Roed & Associates

♦ Student Liaison
Bennett Christenson, EIT
Meyer Borgman Johnson




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