Young Member Group

We are the Young Member Group of the Minnesota Structural Engineers Association. Our goal
is to assist young engineers as they build their careers in the structural engineering profession;
by offering training, networking, and community outreach opportunities to our members. We are
geared towards young P.E.s, E.I.T.s, and structural engineering students who have interests in
the structural industry. Our goals are to:

 Alleviate the steep and difficult learning curve for young structural engineers by providing seminars, workshops, and construction site visits.
 Build a network among young professionals, both within the structural engineering industry and among other design and construction trades.
 Provide opportunities to develop leadership and management skills by being a part of the YMG Committee.

Members will be exposed to in-depth structural methodologies, latest technologies and applications, and presentations on lessons learned from past or ongoing projects. We aim to shape our members into more valuable structural engineers and to further educate them to advance their career.

We invite all structural E.I.T.s and P.E.s (0 to 5 years of practice) to join and to become actively involved in this group.

♦ ♦ ♦ MNSEA won “YMG of the Year”!!! ♦ ♦ ♦

For the third year, an award was given recognizing an outstanding Young Member Group from one of the NCSEA member organizations at the NCSEA Structural Engineering Summit in Washington D.C. The emphasis of this award is to recognize Young Member Groups that are providing a benefit to their young members, member organization, and communities.

In 2017, 11 Young member Groups (YMG’s) applied for the Young Member Group Chapter Award, 5 finalists were chosen to attend the Summit, and the MNSEA YMG was selected to receive the 2017 award. Congratulations to the committee and our members for their accomplishments and national recognition!


Stay Tuned!

The MNSEA YMG will be hosting more events starting in the Fall. Please email us at to get the immediate info about future events.


Noche de Ciencias:
Saturday, October 20, 2018, Minneapolis

The Twin Cities Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers hosted its fourth annual “Noche de Ciencias”, or Science Night. K-12 students got to interact with members of the local SHPE chapter, MNSEA YMG, several University SHPE chapters, and members of other volunteers in hands-on STEM activities. Parents were provided with college resources to help encourage their child(ren) to pursue higher education and STEM careers. Members of the MNSEA YMG designed, coordinated, and provided several volunteers for one of the night’s four activities. Students were provided with base bridges made with k’nex pieces and creatively built bridges that could span 32”– learning the basic concepts of relative strength of shapes, triangles, symmetry, stability, and buckling along the way.

MSP Parking Ramp Tour:
Friday, September 28, 2018, MSP Airport

The MNSEA YMG partnered with ASCE MN for a tour of the new Terminal 1 Silver Ramp, a 5000-stall CIP post tensioned parking structure. Kimley-Horn (EOR) and PCL construction representatives gave a brief presentation about project design considerations before the tour, specifically focusing in on the geostructural design required to bridge over the Blue Line LRT station underneath the parking structure. On site, tour participants were able to climb to the (current) top level of the ramp, watch a helix pour, and ask questions of both site engineers and a PCL construction supervisor. Participants enjoyed a happy hour at the new Intercontinental Hotel after the tour.

Allianz Field Tour:
Wednesday, June 20, 2018, St. Paul

The MNSEA YMG was able to tour the new soccer stadium, Allianz Field, in St. Paul. While there we had the unique opportunity to see the inside of the stadium and talk with the general contractor on site.

First Year of Your Career:
Thursday, April 12, 2018, Minneapolis

One of the MNSEA YMG’s core goals is to alleviate the steep and difficult learning curve for young structural engineers. That’s why we hosted “First Year as an Engineer,” an event designed to highlight some of the key challenges facing new and pending graduates. We received wisdom from seasoned engineers who gave us advice while going through this nerve-racking transition – the unknowns, the trials and errors, the new challenges.

Volunteer at Ronald McDonald House:
Thursday, April 5, 2018, Minneapolis

The MNSEA YMG volunteered alongside students to prepare, cook, and serve a meal for families at the Ronald McDonald House.

Plat Tour at AZZ Galvanizing:
Wednesday, March 21, 2018, Minneapolis

MNSEA YMG took a tour of the AZZ galvanizing plant in north-east Minneapolis followed by a happy hour at a local brewery. Members of our parent group (MNSEA) were invited to this event. Members had the opportunity to see the preparation of steel as well as steel being dipped into a kettle of zinc alloy that was a whopping 850 degrees Fahrenheit! AZZ staff was present to answer questions that members had. This is the second time the MNSEA YMG group has toured the plant. The previous tour was in 2016.

Trivia Night with AIA- MN Emerging Professionals:
Wednesday, January 10, 2018, Minneapolis

The MNSEA YMG collaborated with the AIA-MN Emerging Professionals to do a trivia night at a local brewery in Minneapolis. The 14 attendees broke up into teams that had both Engineers and Architects. The teams competed against each other and the other patrons. The questions were broad in scope, ranging from song titles to famous Harvard graduates. Therefore, teammates had to work patiently with each other and communicate efficiently to be successful. This was a ‘take-home’ lesson we can all use when working on projects together, now and in the future. Each team did very well in working together, however only one team could win in the end, and were awarded the gift cards for coffee (brain fuel)! Those who didn’t win will have to practice up with their new crossword puzzle books. This event was the first of hopefully many collaborative events to come with these two young professional groups. Maybe in future we can add contractors into the mix as well!

Overlooked Welding Provisions Webinar & Member Appreciation!:
Thursday, December 10, 2017, Minneapolis

Thanks to Mattson Macdonald Young for hosting the YMG for this seminar and member appreciation event. We apologize that technical difficulties kept us from watching the welding webinar, however we felt the AISC webinar “SteelDay 2017: Designing in Structural Steel” was a good substitution. This webinar identified key changes to the 2016 AISC Specification for Structural Steel Buildings, Code of Standard Practice, and Steel Construction Manual. Thank you to everyone who participated. The event was followed by a happy hour at Pryes Brewing to celebrate winning the NCSEA YMG of the Year for 2017. The committee thanks all members again for their continued support and participation in making this group a successful one!



♦ Chair
Ricky Kirchner, EIT
BKBM Engineers

♦ Past Chair
Steve Sletten, P.E.
Larson Engineering

♦ Communications Coordinator
Elizabeth Manning, EIT
Meyer Borgman Johnson

♦ Events Coordinators
James Strehle, EIT
Walker Consultants

Lauren Piepho, EIT
HGA Architects and Engineers

Rosina Pletscher, EIT

♦ Student Liaison
Morgan Keuhn, EIT
BKV Group

♦ Digital Media Officer
Travis Stanley, P.E.
Advanced Structural Technologies

♦ Secretary & Treasurer
Spencer Borchardt, EIT

♦ Committee Members
Greg McCool, P.E., S.E.
Ericksen Roed & Associates

Eric McElrath, EIT
Mattson Macdonald Young

Justin Saterbak, P.E.
The Opus Group

Kevin Vazquez, EIT
Meyer Borgman Johnson

Catherine Johnson, EIT
Meyer Borgman Johnson

David Hedberg, EIT
Mattson Macdonald Young

Rose Milavitz, EIT
Ericksen Roed & Associates







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