The MNSEA SEER (Structural Engineers Emergency Response) Committee is a committee of the MNSEA consisting of structural engineering professionals that are focused on bringing information forward to our MNSEA members and the public on the structural engineer’s role in responding to emergency situations for damage to our built environment.

The MNSEA SEER Committee mission statement: “To prepare and provide for rapid mobilization of qualified structural engineers to assist emergency management agencies and the public in responding to disasters.”

The committee intends to work closely with the National SEER Committee and with other state SEER Committees to bring forth information on how to meet the objectives of the MNSEA SEER Committee, including the following:

Reporting on the status of the national and state SEER committee activities;

Identifying training and certifications that would be required and/or beneficial for structural engineers engaging in emergency response activities;

Providing opportunities to receive emergency response training and information through seminars and other events;

Inform how structural engineers can assist with government entities and private parties in an emergency event;

Inform how to participate in the roster program for responding to emergencies;

Other information as appropriate;

The committee hopes to bring in speakers for the various relationships/players that may be involved with emergency response projects, to hear what they look for from structural engineers at the scenes, what concerns them, what they like to see on site, etc., including OSHA, ATF, CSB, NTSB, Fire Marshalls, building departments, emergency responders (police, fire, ambulance, etc.), DOT (for bridge and other transportation structures), attorneys, insurance companies, contractors, and others as appropriate.

Please contact Doug Fell, MNSEA SEER Committee chair if you have any questions or comments regarding the SEER Committee.

For more information visit NCSEA SEER website.


♦ Chair
Doug Fell, (National NCSEA SEER Committee liaison)
Walker Consultants

♦ Vice Chairperson
Sarah M. Durphy, (State SEER Committees liaison)
SE Estructure

♦ Secretary
Dave Macdonald
Mattson Macdonald Young, Inc.

♦ Committee Members
John Lewis

Kerry Rauschendorfer
KLJ Engineers

Nicholas Rock, EIT
Clark Engineering

Prof. Art Schultz
U of M

Jim Strehle
Walker Consultants

Kevin Vazquez, EIT

Brad Severson
Kimley Horn


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